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Do you want to be the next Michigan real estate investor to make big $MONEY$ on every deal?

How does 100%+ YTD returns sound?

Do you prefer to earn a better than market steady monthly return, secured by real estate?

Even better, do you want to know how to grow your retirement nest egg using legal tax free methods?

Do you have the money and desire, but no time or experience?  Do you want to invest in Real Estate passively? Do you want to get in on the Michigan real estate boom?

We are looking for a select few partners to be included in our real estate investments in Michigan, not to be confused with investing in Detroit.

Listen to what one of our investors has to say...





Dear Future Partner,

We are Michigan Property Investors, a team dedicated to investing in bank foreclosures, probate, estates, REO's, distressed, short sale, discounted and negative equity property and real estate.

We invest in the Metro Detroit Tri-County area suburbs and select other areas of Michigan. We do not invest in the "war zones" or City of Detroit!

Michigan Property Investors specialize in finding, buying, fixing, flipping, renting, wholesaling and lease optioning property.  Depending on the individual situation, we decide what is best for the property. We also buy apartments and  self storage facilities.

Due to the state of the economy in Michigan, we are currently overwhelmed with offers to sell us real estate in all price ranges ($10,000 to $2.2m).  Don't get us wrong, not all offers are good deals.  We wade through hundreds of properties every month to find the gems.

We are capable of buying several properties at a time, but we are still leaving money on the table.  That is where you come in.

We are looking for a select few partner investors that are looking to real estate as a secure investment for their excess money, Roth IRA's or open credit lines.  Real estate is a great venue for assisting you in reaching your short and long term investment goals. With high returns!

If you are ready to start investing now, please fill out the investor questionaire.



P.S. You must have a least 50k available in cash, IRA, 401k or credit to be participate in a partnerships.

P.S.S.  We are not real estate agents, realtors, brokers, lenders, inspectors or appraisers. We are investors in Michigan real estate. This is not an offering circular and we make no promises to be able to help or work with everyone.

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