Michigan Property Investors

Michigan Property Investors - Our Goal

Welcome to Michigan Property Investors, a team dedicated to investing  in bank foreclosures, REO's, probate, estate, commercial, income, distressed, lease option, short sale, subject to  and negative equity property.  

Our goal is to treat all real estate related clients and entities with the utmost in professional respect and responsiveness, while maintaining efficiency and profitability of Michigan Property Investors.com, Inc.  Additionally, we strive to exceed real estate investment goals of our deal finder and investor partners.  

Michigan Property Investors specializes in helping those in foreclosure or upside down with negative equity to get out from under the stress.  Many times we work with first time home buyers, to assist them in buying a home in our inventory with equity or creative assistance in making the deal happen.  We also deal with banks, REO's and real estate agents while buying their non performing assets or listings quickly. 

We work with property investors on locating and buying the right real estate, with equity all ready built in, then flipping, wholesaling, renting or lease optioning the property.  Including working with self directed Roth IRA accounts to maximize returns for our select private partners.

We are not real estate agents, realtors,  brokers, lenders, inspectors or appraisers.  We are investors in Michigan real estate.  This is not an offering circular and make no promises to be able to help or work with everyone.